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... in short spaces of time. 

So. This was the second night back on my practise regimen, and janey how fast can the disuse stack up. I played all weekend at O'Flaherty (near to the end of October), and then at the seisiún that following Tuesday, and I do think I played a bit during the week leading up to our jaunt north, but I can't actually recall - there was rather a bit of whirlwind activity between O'F and the next sunday, when we headed for Kansas - so it is possible that I'd been a bit lax. 

No matter, really, 'cos the point was to spend my days practising whilst Shaddow was in training. Only I caught something at O'F*, didn't I? By the that next weekend, I was under at least one heaping pile of weather, and so Bríd stayed in her case, and I didn't touch her at all for at least seven days. That's insanely long, like. Missing a night here and there's one thing - an entire week? Hoosh. This is not a desirable happening. 

So, tuesday comes round, and I did manage to coax a few rhythms out of her at the seisiún - 'out of her' sez she. Out of myself is the truth of it. I was the dodgy one; the drum was fine. One of the company there did remark that I didn't seem 'up to 100 per cent'. My levels weren't going to 11, that's to be sure. 

Speaking of which, tomorrow's Nigel Tufnel Day, so... do something louder than 10.

Right. So, last night I succeeded in pissing about. Sure, it was practise, but it wasn't terribly focussed - which for the first day back is acceptable. I did a bit of 5/4 and 7/8 - which I'll likely never need in a seisiún, but who knows. At the Marlay House in Atlanta, there often comes a time in the evening in which the Irish switches to Bulgarian. If it can happen there... 

Tonight's work was a bit better. I ran through all of the rudiments but for the slip, 'cos... I'm going to do a slip how I do one: it's either going to follow the melody in phrasing, or it's going to be the down-up-down-down bit, and I'll drill that one in 6/8 - it really doesn't matter. The structure of that rhythm is such that it goes for 6/8 or 9/8 without you ever getting upside down. 

I've still got rather many inaccuracies I want to address. That quirky bounce beat's grand, but... it wants controlling. I mean, it shouldn't be used all the time, and I've drilled that one so much that it's happening by itself. Hurrah I can do it, but too much use and it'll sound buzzy like. 

She is a fantastic sounding wee thing though. I'm growing quite attached. 

*Incidentally, this is why I didn't make arrangements to meet anybody up there, so sorry about that. I know I'd reached out via Facebook, but...some things it's best not to share - I mean, I'm not quite back to health now - I'm far better, sure, but not well.  


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