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Since nobody's going to remember my life but myself (cue laughter). :D

D'you ever get the feeling you're being watched? )

Jesus, what happened Saturday )

Lather, rinse, repeat? )

Thus ended another brilliant O'Flaherty weekend. Monday was spent in Recovery. Shaddow and I went into the local Indian grocers (which we'd never before done) and bought tea and biscuits. Later, I went off for a massage, and after that we began to plan for the next weekend in Austin.
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I'll let the photos tell the story...
Copper Breaks )
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...has come to a fortuitous end. My photos were found huddled and scared behind a FAT problem. They are now safe and cosy on our tera server. So I'll post a few of them when I get home.

Unfortunately, [ profile] shaddowshoes's ant video appears to have been a casualty of the entire ordeal.

I suppose the moral of this story is 'it's always better to use the card reader'.
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I'd brought my camera to the office today, fully intending to transfer a few photos of the weekend's simply glorious camping excursion. Only I forgot my SD card reader, didn't I? Oh, I did that very thing, yes. Not to worry, sez I to myself, 'cos I've got my trusty Zire. I'll simply feed the SD card from my camera to said Zire as I've done a dozen times before, and beam a few choice snaps to my desk top.

Today, my Zire appears to have said 'Hrm...I don't know what this I think I'll format it for you, 'cos...yeh'.

The end of the story? All of the many, many photos I snapped at the weekend no longer exist.

So. There's that.
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So, let's find out how many words I've got to spare, shall we? )
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Plinkety-plonkety )


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