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 My friend Mark is re-releasing his bodhrán CD. I highly recommend it if you fancy learning to play.
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...unless she's a boy. Then surely, he's a pretty boy. The manifestation doesn't much matter to me really. What matters to me is whether we can be friends. All of the elements are there: decent head, 12" diametre, rock-solid construction. The only thing that could possibly get in the way of it being a love connexion, Chuck, is myself. 

In which I will go on about certain pastimes... )

Even if I am sick to my guts of the Kesh Jig. 

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The Police concert was fantastic. They've not lost a step in 30 years, and what's more? They all of them looked genuinely pleased to be there. Sting had a look on his face the entire night that seemed to say 'fuck me, but this is brilliant, innit?' I'd been reluctant to go to a concert at the AAC, but I've changed my tune (snort). The chairs are comfortable, smoking isn't allowed, and the ambient air was cool and hardly stifling.

About the only trouble I found with it all was the beer. It was swill. I looked high and low for something that I'd actually be willing to put in my mouth and swallow (you know, as opposed to taking my cues from Ozzy and spraying the shite up into the air - 'cos that's classy, oh yeh), but the hunter returned to the tribe crestfallen and defeated. [ profile] shaddowshoes, however, did not. He returned to the tribe bearing two Sam Adamses (that is awkward to say, don't try it). Where he found it, I don't know. He told me, I'm sure, but I'm clever and can't recall. So, the one trouble worked out to be nothing at all.

Sting, I've noticed, is fond of minor thirds and perfect fifths. Often, he'll go down a minor third, and then back to tonic, and then up to the fifth in the vocalising he does - not always, mind, but often. His guitar has got many scratches on it. He's loved and played with it almost enough to make it a real guitar. I suppose it'll strike out on its own, build a den, and take a spouse when that happens - so it's good they're getting this reunion tour business done with now.

Our seats were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic, and as we weren't on the floor, I wasn't worried about the people in front of us being taller than myself. This a concern for many concerts, as I'm much shorter than most of you, and I'm not really keen on standing on my chair. So I had a clear line of sight for the entire night.

Look, a handful of photos from the night. )

Right, so the photos aren't the best of quality, but we have got them, and you can sort of see the band illuminated in the lights. Also, the one of [ profile] shaddowshoes with the beams of light emanating out of his head is amusing. In his journal entry, he commented that the Devil had told him this wouldn't happen when he'd signed the papers. Ah well, old Nick's a crafty bastard.

The concert was lovely. The opening act, FictionPlane (fronted by Sting's oldest son, Joe) show great promise. At times he sounds like his dad, at others, he doesn't. FictionPlane are playing House of Blues tonight, so if any of youse have no sort of plans, go and have a listen. :D

The only song I missed from the night was 'Spirits in the Material World', but as I told [ profile] shaddowshoes, that song has always vied with 'Invisible Sun' as to which eerie dystopian Police song I prefer. Lately, it's been 'Invisible Sun', which did get played. 'It's dark all day and it glows all night' /shiver/. I do realise, yes, that the invisible sun in question is a positive symbol. Still.

Watching Stewart Copeland sparked a new level of interest in percussion, and I think I want to expand my abilities a bit. The drums intrigue me, sure, but I think I'm keener on other things that a girl could whack with mallets. Marimbas, or bells, or something that makes an interesting noise. I've been wanting some sort of percussion rack composed of things I can pound with my tippers. I'm not entirely sure how that would all fit in, so it's still something of a zygote of an idea. I wonder whether Martin McCall teaches...

At any rate, have I said it was fantastic? Did I say I felt thoroughly treated? :D

When [ profile] shaddowshoes was off on a contract some years ago, he came home with a Police boxed set. So, I'll be loading that all into my new shiny white iPod.

Oh yeh, I've got an iPod now. My fauxpod has been outmoded. I did love it well. :D


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