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Sure, it's about bloody time.

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Well, thus ends Part the First. Speaking of seisiunna...


Sep. 9th, 2007 02:05 am
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Well, as I wrote in my myspace blog (which is a bit awkward to say, regardless of how it's phrased), CelticFest has gone really well, I think. We had a fantastic set last night (it's early Sunday morning. I don't know why the devil I'm awake and writing journal entries, I've got to play again in nine hours. Oish), and we drew quite the crowd.

Sure, I could go on about that, but it would only be boasting and I'm not terribly good at that, so we'll leave it at 'grand'.

The festival grounds are quite lovely; it's about as large as the Celtic Heritage Festival (which we'll be playing next month - mark it down in your diaries, youse), so there wasn't a worry of getting lost or falling into a well or anything.

It's late.

I scarpered out of the seisiun when I realised that it would be best to save a bit of myself for I don't know when I am., right, it's all gone very well and we're all of us having a fantastic time.
I'll have more tales to tell about it later, when the clock isn't shaking its red blinking fingers at me.
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So, erm...almost a fortnight ago, we went for another round in the studio.

Ha. I typed that entire sentence whilst staring up at the ceiling. Killer, innit?

Studio, yes. It went really stupidly well. I've got a list of things now that will be Left Alone till the mix down. Sure, it's a list - and it's more than two items on it. Over. The. Moon. So, in short, we're nearing completion on it all. There's a bit of tarting up left to do, but that's all there is of it: tarting up. There are no more gasp-arghs that direly need repair or It'll All Be Over.

So...right, there will be an announcement soon, and I think we've got the thing named, at last, so there's that.

And it's not 'agus ta se asin', although I'm sure that'll show up someplace. I wonder if we could convince Chris to tattoo it on himself somewhere. A sort of Irish tribal band. It's really fucking late, I think, and thus the absurdity does flow.


Oh, and lastly, Sprig will be playing at the Celtic Heritage Festival in October. There will be a real announcement about that a bit closer to the actual event. So...with that, we're booked through to November.
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Bob, our booking agent, told us tonight that we've been accepted to CelticFest in Jackson, MS. It takes place the weekend after Labour Day. This is the farthest we'll have ventured thus far. We've heard rather glowing things about this one from some of our seisiun mates who have played there, so when I'm actually awake and not fagged from a bit of a rough gig (speaking for myself - and more on that tomorrow), the realisation will hit me and I'll freak the fuck right out be over the moon.

Oh, and again - if any of youse find yourselves free tomorrow night, come out to the Tipperary and have a look at myself and [ profile] typsygypsy. I think I could do with the moral support, me. :D
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