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...and I really should be working, only this one caught my eye:
It's not a great day for throwing caution to the wind -- too much is up in the air.

Well. Bloody mercy - you think? SRSLY? And here was I on the brink of throwing caution to the wind. No honest, I really was. Now then: usual disclaimer about me and my thoughts regarding astrology. Right, so that's out of the way (really, it is). It isn't bad advice. Where my mouth and the words that issue forth from it are concerned, I've been known to leap before I look. So, let's not think of this as me deciding to take the advice of the stars, but rather me deciding to heed a bit of common sense when it comes to a potentially sensitive matter.

I do love being vague, yeh - I love it about as much as I love being this other thing. I nicked that off somebody's LJ icon.
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This past Thursday's Hand of Fate:
Your goal will be met in two months.


I really don't know what to make of this. I mean...I think I know what I should rather make of it; however, I'm suddenly a bit worried that I've got perhaps a less than desirable goal lurking round in the back of my psyche (more of a gaol, really - haha. I did type it correctly at the first go this time, although I had to think hard on it), and what if it's that one I'll achieve in two months' time? I mean, could I change my mind? Let slip to the universe in a subtle and not at all wheedling sort of way that 'I'd rather have this one, thanks very much'?

Does it occur to me that I'm taking this perhaps a bit too seriously - even morbidly so? Have a guess... :D

Of course it is; however, I am at many times the Bitch of one never can tell, and thus this sort of thing is wont to climb into my ear and niggle at my brain (which sounds almost deplorably rude, I'll admit).

So...I added the numbers on the back of my Hand of Fate, then the digits, and it all sums to 9. I suppose I could consider that favourable. Thrice three? Yeh?

Argh. I'm stopping now. Promise.
youngraven: (the hand of fate)'s a Hand of Fate chat log.

Edited for readability and superfluous speech.

G: so, we've got three Hands of Fate today.
G: the first one reads: patience is a key to joy.
S: true, true.
S: and?
G: the second one reads: he who grabs the last lettuce wrap is the least hungry.
G: so, that's annoying.
S: that is AWESOME.
G: sure, but it's hardly fortuitous.
S: neither is "tastes like chicken" but that's fucking hysterical.
G: i demand a certain amount of prophecy from my Hands of Fate.
S: oh, feh. i demand weirdness and/or humor.
S: so what's the last?
G: 'getting together with old friends brings new adventures'
G: (especially when it involves corpses in the boots of cars)
S: well, adventure is adventure.
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...Life always gets harder near the summit.

Erm...okay, am I to assume that means that the closer one is to - well - carking it, the worse things will be? What if one is suddenly flattened by a piano dropped from a great height? I mean, obviously one wouldn't have seen it coming - right? Alright, true there may have been a looming shadow, providing it was a sunny day - but what if the weather had been grey and foggy? If so, then it would have been that one minute a person is ambling agreeably down the street, and the next minute said person is spattered across the pavement admist a clamour of diminshed minor sevenths and the occasional splitting sound.

Who's to say that the person's life was any harder when she set out walking at the top of the street than it was when she met her doom via the errantly flung piano near to the middle of the street? Perhaps she was walking to fetch her take-away from a fantastic Indian restaurant? [ profile] shaddowshoes and I had Indian take-away last night, and I certainly wasn't moaning over how suddently difficult my life had become whilst waiting for my chicken saag and samosa to appear. Rather I was wondering whether the saag would be as good as Taj Mahal's (and it is), likeyado.

Of course, I wasn't struck by a piano last night either, so perhaps therein lies the difference.

So sayeth the second hand of fate...

...A visit to a strange place will bring you renewed perspective.

On the back of it is written the Chinese for 'anxious'.

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Yesterday afforded me the option for not one but two Hands of Fate - I suppose that sums to a round of applause [insert weak, tittery laughter]. Is that cheating? Well, it is if somebody else desperately wants said hand of fate, but not so much if they'd rather not know.

Sort of thing. Yeh, that one confused me as well. So let's move ahead, shall we?

Part the first:
Do not let your instincts run right over your reason.
Ah, but we've seen this wee gem before, haven't we a chairde? This could mean one of two things - either I should find another Chinese take-away, or it's a lesson I've yet to. bloody well. learn. Have a guess as to which one I'm thinking it is...

I act without thinking when I should pause to reflect, and I pause to reflect when I should act without thinking. I've got it all round backwards, and has it served me? [snort] NO! Eating nails hasn't served me either, but I find myself inexplicably drawn to magnetic north.

Yeh, so a bit of time has passed and the original ending to that paragraph is away with the fairies. I could have decided to close with something a bit less absurd, but why?

Part the second:
Erm...all areas? Ah...that's a bit of a dangerous proposition, matey. I mean, mortality is a part of life - sure, it's the end of it, but a part nonetheless. Does this mean that I should drive like a maniac and aim for solid immoveable objects? 'Cos...

Being stupidly sick after a night's worth of drink is also a part of life, but it's hardly one I wish to be particularly bold or enthusiastic about. The Hand of Fate would do well to be a bit more specific - a bit more discerning.

Approach those areas of life which are not boring, paedestrian, or likely to leave a nasty stain with a bold enthusiasm this year. Sure, that would be tenfold preferable to Approach all areas of life (and yes, that includes spilling freshly poured tea over yourself in the midst of a tight turn this morning) with a bold enthusiasm this year.

Hands of Fate? Meet Rubbish Bin. 'S all I got, me lovelies, don't choke on it.
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Today, the Hand of Fate dealt me...

You will make many changes before settling down happily.



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