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It’s been rather a while since my last proper entry, so I’m going to make an attempt at coughing up the lot of December in one go.

In short? It was it mad. I've still got cards I should be sending to people. At this rate, they'll have to be decorated with smirking snakes and little shamrocks, 'cos it'll mean a cold day in hell if they find their way into the post before March. That's the way of it, innit? I've been clever, though. For this year, I've actually marked down deadlines for myself in my Outlook calendar. I realise that Outlook is eville, yes, but it's my Outlook calendar that is linked up to my Palm Zire, and it's my Palm Zire that squeaks at me whenever there's something that I should be doing but am ignoring or have forgot, so.

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Nollaig shona dhuit, &c.

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Don't forget to drop round and see us tomorrow night at Lochrann's.
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Oh look. A cliff. I think I'll leap over the edge of it.

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I can't work out what to do with one bodhránaí - let alone four more. I do wish for sushi; however - even on a couch with shrink!


Nov. 5th, 2007 10:08 am
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'S Guy Fawkes day. Go blow something up. ;D
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Which describes, rather accurately, my bowl of Pumpkin Goop. The selfsame Pumpkin Goop (PG) that I should have fetched out to thaw earlier (meaning 'before the sun set'), only somehow didn't. It's perched upon my kitchen counter at this very moment. This very moment, I might add, happens to exist rather late in the evening.

I might mention my desire for a kip.
I might also mention my creeping, pervasive headache.

I might mention the war on Iraq, but why bother?

If I turn my head to south by southwest, I can see rather a large mixing device. With this device, I could be making bread - and I will be doing as soon as I can locate my impetus, which somewhere in the house, I'm sure of it.

Oh. There it is. Hrm. I suppose I better had make use of it, you think?

Isn't it quare that I went thro' the trouble to make an official abbreviation for Pumpkin Goop, and it's looking likely that I'll not use it? I confuse myself at times.

I'm using the same bread recipe that I bolloxed the first time (I could offer up a link to the entry, but that would mean I'd have to go and find it - and ask me whether I care).

Right then, some time has passed, the bread is baking, it looks and smells scrummy, so I'm no longer worrying about it.


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