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Sprig spent the last of September in the studio. We've now got skeletons for all of the tracks that we'd wanted to include (barring those that simply refuse to comply with our wishes - those crafty wee bastards we'll have to replace), so it was a good day's work. Perhaps a bit frustrating at times, but as anybody who has ever done this can attest, the creative process isn't always easy.

All in all, no worries, I think. I'll save my freaking out allotment for mix down.

Only joking.

I'm using my new G4 to post this entry, and the keyboard keeps moving my cursor to odd places. I'm not entirely certain why - has anybody with a Mac got a gorm to spare on this score? It's stupidly annoying.

After the recording session, [ profile] shaddowshoes and I met Chris and [ profile] mishajames for dinner. We did not talk about the session at all, which I think was likely best - there's no good will come of reducing it all down to a fine powder. We lingered for a little while, and then [ profile] shaddowshoes and I went to Mark and Becky's house (with a bit of wine chasing on the way). When we got there, it seemed as though no-one was home, so we phoned [ profile] toarthos and I left a silly message on his voicemail. Hurrah that. I absolutely despise leaving messages. Present me with voicemail or an ansaphone and I will present you with garbled drivel. I'd do better with smoke signals. At any rate, it was determined that Mark and Becky (&c.) were, in fact, at home so we haulled our bottles of wine out of the car and into the house.

The company was lovely - as it always is - but I must confess to feeling somewhat out of place. Fortunately, Michelle was also there, so I had another familiar face to gabble at when hiding under the table began to seem a reasonable course of action. Ah well, it had been a rather long day.

We spent today at the fair with Chris and Michelle. There had been some rumour that [ profile] katjabee was likely there as well, so we phoned her to find out, and then went to go and meet her and a friend of hers (who looks familiar, only I don't think I've ever met him before). It was a bit hot, but no-one fell over. Jesus, I'm knackered - hence this entry's lack of wit and decent storytelling. I suppose I could re-write it later...

Or not.

Afterwards, we met Chris and Michelle for nosh and shared easily the Spiciest Jalapeno Ever. One of them kicked my arse. I sat there and sniffled at them whilst my mouth quivered in silent protest. Spicy is alright - I do not fear capsicum - even End of Days spicy I can wrap my tongue round providing that the heat doesn't eclipse the flavour. This was a bit like biting into a phosphorous grenade. It burnt off the foliage of my taste buds and the water I swilled merely made it burn hotter. Chris managed to eat two of them. Michelle said 'no' when offered the last.

And now, I'm home. I should be asleep, but instead, I'm pondering the gremlins in my keyboard and mulling over an interesting message from Tim at the Tipperary,
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Sprig's first recording date is 9 september 2006 at 12.00pm. Sharp. Killer, innit? Our maiden voyage. We'll have to break a bottle of champagne over our heads.

Yeh, imagine the sort of havoc that'll play, go on, do.

So, there's the latest from that front...oh, right, and we've got our timetable for the O'Flaherty benefit on 22 September - we play at midnight. I think we should dress all in black and play our harder, angrier pieces

That'll make for a shite lot of rebel songs. Actually, we'll likely recycle our playlist from Grapefest, 'cos who wants to lay bets that I'll not be arsed to write a new one?

So, we've not thought of a name for our first endeavour (I think we should call it 'The Green Album', me, but we've not actually discussed it yet), but when we've got a list of possibilities, I'll poll you lot, eh?
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At the moment, I'm folded up in a chair in our fellow's studio listening to [ profile] mishajames play guitar. I suppose my small contribution went well enough. Simplicity baffles me at times, and this was one such time. The measure of a player's skill often lies in how easily she can lay aside her ornamentry. This isn't to say I can't do it, but by God I could do it with a bit more grace.

My bloody mobile is switched on; I hope to Christ nobody phones me. I should switch it the fuck off. There, that's done.

Our fellow's got a great deal of knowledge. I'd be a fool not to learn at least one lesson - whatsoever it may be. Perhaps that lesson might be 'don't tap away at your Zire like a freak whilst others are recording, girlín'. And I've been using the biro end of the stylus. Oinseach. Ah well.

We're listening now. I've got something to offer, but I need to find the words...
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You will soon receive pleasant news of a personal nature.

Since receiving word that [ profile] mishajames and myself will be recording with Mr Fellow next Wednesday is hardly personal, I can only assume that something else is hovering about in the aether.


In other news, it's hardly what most would call a fine spring day, but nonetheless I should rather be lying in the grass and looking at the sky than hanging about in my office.


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