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I had wanted to go down for it - in my mind, I was decided. I'd even told various of my mates in the Atlanta scene (Atlanta's a Comhaltas town) 'if you come, I'll be there'.

Then I moved house back to Orion Rising (literally - there's an entire other dwelling shoved into my permanent abode; the cats find it interesting); then there was Irish Fest a mere week after that. Thus dawned the absolute realisation that there wasn't a logical way for me to achieve two massive weekends in one month. Not with the aforementioned overlapping residences. Or something. That sounded wittier in my mind. 

So one had to choose. One did. 

What one chose instead was a soiree for Saturday night and sailing for Sunday. Some years ago, Shaddow and I had stumbled upon the most charming sailboat in a carpark hoping beyond hope that somebody would come along, bring her to a new home, and take her out on the water now and again. Her name is 'Liberty', but upon closer inspection, it can be seen that her former name had been 'Irish Rover', so clearly she was meant for us. 

We've managed to sail her once thus far (she's a right sprightly wee thing - fine for racing, I'm sure), but life and all its trappings will get in the way. We're neither of us terribly experienced at sailing (although Shaddow's been out a few more times now than I've done) as well, so there was that lobbed into the mix.

The best way to learn the ropes, as it were, is to go and learn the ropes. So when the talk wandered over to sailboats at the last Tuesday's seisiun, I asked our resident expert when was the next time he'd take his boat sailing. His answer was 'Sunday, would you like to crew for me'. 

So...I won my first sailboat race today. Or, rather, I tacked, jibed, got tangled up in and/or sat upon the sheets, raised the spinnaker, took the helm, and didn't fall off of the sailboat that won today's race.

Shaddow crewed on another chap's boat, so we both got a few hours' of informal sailing instruction. At the end of it, Andy did confess to throwing rather much at me at once - and all on a less than blissful day: the wind was perfect for sailing, but the cold and mist made it a bit less of a pleasure cruise. Perhaps the bite in the air served to make me pay closer attention. After the boats had been pulled from the water and put away for the day, Shaddow and I joined Andy and his wife for 'painkillers': it's a Tortola concoction of pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut, and rum; I very much need to learn how to make it. 

Here's hoping for a lovely sailing season. 

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...of [ profile] shaddowshoes and [ profile] youngraven by the side of the road.

We've got this odd sort of karma, the two of us - we find the most amazing things by the side of the road. Alright, perhaps amazing isn't the proper word - I mean, it isn't as though we found a forty-foot tall, gilded, talking Buddha (although astounding might be a better word for that sort of thing. Astounding or hallucination - whichever you prefer), but rather we find toys for ourselves that others haven't got a use for anymore.

Such as our caravan (which is in need of repair, to be sure, but it's still ours and we did live in it at weekends one summer), and [ profile] shaddowshoes's Chevy Blazer (which goes almost everyplace he goes).

Our latest find is Liberty. Yeh - we found it, it had been left to its own devices in a carpark - no wonder things have got a bit odd lately... No, we've hardly found an abstract concept hovering about in the heat - that would be another hallucination. Rather, Liberty is a 15-foot Lockley sailboat, and she's at the moment docked in the back garden. Sure, it's a strange place to keep a sailboat, and she's no doubt remarking to herself about the utter lack of water, but we've not got a marina.

Well, not yet, at any rate - perhaps we'll find one by the side of the road? Who knows, eh?

So, we'll be learning to sail now. Well, not at this precise moment, as it's dark and she's for day sailling, but soon.

So, who's game, then?

Here, have a look at her )


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