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It actually started in 2009. Since this one garage had done so very well in sorting out rather an irksome woe, I felt confident in trusting the people there with my car. 

Well. Fools bloody rush in, dunnit. 

The battery cable thingummy went well. The back brakes went well. But when my clutch wanted replacing? They bloody banjaxed it - and by that, I mean to the point that a piece of the linkage fell out and bounced away whilst I was driving down the 75 towards the city (there's a 75 in Atlanta as well). What followed was a great lot of hire cars and strife that culminated in an angry letter and the car being towed to the Sandy Springs Subaru. Oh, and this was in the midst of the Christmas as well. Bucking. Frilliant. 

Fast forwards one year's time. My car has been squeaking. It's actually been squeaking since Atlanta, but I'd convinced myself it was a belt wearing out, and had taken the decision to squeeze every last bit of life out of it. (I understand this isn't wise, so.)

Lately, a bit of undercarriage trim had rearranged itself such that it made a ghastly sound whenever I rounded a corner. Since my dad's no slouch when it comes to the finer workings of things with combustion engines, I asked him to lash up that trim to something. Since we'd already got the car up onto the ramps, he had a listen to it with a Car Stethoscope, and determined that the squeak originated in the clutch. Apparently, the throw out bearing is bodgered.

SO YAY, LIKE. Four times in the fucking garage, and the bleeding clutch is still effed up. I mean, the hell sez I - should I have resorted to voodoo? Would that have done the trick? Janey bloody mercy. 

As I mentioned, I've already done the bit with the Better Business Bureau, and they've made 'good' by me as best they'd do. Grr. So, we'll be making a hike up to a Subaru dealer in the back of beyond (alright, McKinney), 'cos that's where our local, trusted rep ended up.   

Aaaaand...that piece of trim? In his opinion, it looks as though somebody left a few pieces off when it was replaced after all of last year's work had been done. So hurrah fucking that. Poxy rat bastards. Never again in my life will I go to Pep Boys. /spits

I'm fairly decided that my next conveyance will be a donkey with a cart. 
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I've pared my interests down a bit. I couldn't tell you why this warrants a mention, but the Zoo Posting has yet to find words for itself, so in the interest of boring people other than myself offering up to the world something pleasant to read, there 'tis.

So, why?

Have you ever found yourselves making sub-conscious (or conscious, for that matter) judgements about people based on what they've got lurking in their list of interests? I'm loathe to admit it, but I'm afraid I have to confess that there are certain interests that cause me to form a rather unattractive image of a person in my mind (I'll not trouble you with a list of them here, but ply me with drink and the right audience, and...well...chances are you don't want to know that badly).

Since I'm mad freakish about how others perceive me (sarcasm), I've culled my interests a bit. Mostly, I've excluded any passing fancy ('cos it's not exactly an interest, is it?) and any sport that I've got no interest in playing.

Whee. I've added three more 'cos I'd a niche to fill.

What a boring entry. Bah.
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I need a stupid meme. And lo, Providence (er..) provided.

All-Around Smart

You are all-around smart. Essentially, that means that you are a good combination of your own knowledge and experience, along with having learned through instruction - and you are equally as good with theoretical things as you are with real-world, applied things. You have a well-rounded brain.

30% theoretical intelligence
0% learned intelligence

Take this quiz at

Hang is the other 70% per cent classified? And what's this 30% theoretical intelligence shite? Isn't that tantamount to saying 'there's a slim chance that you aren't a moron - but we can't prove it either way'? Sure, alright, I'll admit that I didn't take any especial effort at uni, but unfortunately for me - 'especial effort' wasn't exactly necessary. This is why I live vicariously through my cousin - she doesn't piss about the way I did (do). But zero fecking per cent? That's bloody harsh. I can read, you know (alright, so nobody taught me to do that, so I suppose that was sort of a priori), I other things.

I really have taught myself to do a great many things, now that I think about it. It occurs to me that perhaps I should use this vast cache of cleverness to take over the world. So. Who wants to be the first to bow to their new Supreme Leader?


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