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Bloody. well. Monday.


What is it about frigging Outlook that makes it so damned easy to bodger up a meeting request? It's user frigging error, I'm sure of it.

OH. And how the fiery devil am I to Force my Palm Zire to synch to my damned Outlook files? I do not wish to update two engagement diaries, thanks very much. It worked brilliantly before the thing carked it this time (it does that - I think I feed it, and...splat), and now? Sorry - but you've got to download a 'conduit'. Your wha--? I was never made to do this thing before, and I've gone through erm...three laptops now. Oh, and speaking of which, my bloody video card's about to shuffle off the old mortal.

I've never been hit by lightning, no - why d'you ask?

Jaaaaaaaaaaney. May I please to be starting this day anew? Le do thoil?
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...has come to a fortuitous end. My photos were found huddled and scared behind a FAT problem. They are now safe and cosy on our tera server. So I'll post a few of them when I get home.

Unfortunately, [ profile] shaddowshoes's ant video appears to have been a casualty of the entire ordeal.

I suppose the moral of this story is 'it's always better to use the card reader'.
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The office day will end in half an hour. Ask me whether I've got a laptop. go on, do.

In short?

Apr. 22nd, 2006 12:35 am
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excerpt from this afternoon's Google chat

me: laptop + myself = not a chance in frigging hell. translation: up to my eyes in aggro. i've done. drink. me. now.
Sessa: what with the -10gb and all?
me: now the new one the one they'd decided to give me with a 60GB hard drive won't transfer my cursed files. i've fucking done with it. jesus it's choking on pdfs. why the fuck is that? they've been working at it - at this particular one for nigh onto two days. i'm truly going to sacrifice a chicken. i am. i'm going to slit its poxy throat and dance in the artaerial spray - 'cos that's the only fecking thing we've not done yet.

I'm cursed.
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Got my laptop back.

The 40GB hard drive that was full to brimming (with Outlook archives, it would seem, not mp3s) has been replaced with a 30GB hard drive.

Go on, have a guess.

Dead in the gorramned water, me. I am vexed. I can't load my cursed printer drivers because I've no space left for them. What part of Graphic Designer can be interpreted as does not need to print?

I've been sporting about it - I have. I've confined my more creative streams of invective to barely intelligible mumblings. But I crossed my limit two hours ago, a chairde, and I really want to eat a brain.

Want? No, I need to eat a brain.


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