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...and so is my Mallory!

We met the fellow who's had her since December at Gilligan's tonight. He refused the reward. On his shirt read 'What part of "repent" don't you understand?' This amused me.

But, she's back, and none the worse for wear. Here's to hoping I never see this fellow again.
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Here's the story in photos thus far.

Cut for the disinterested. )

Sure, I've got more to post, only the 'insert image' link is banjaxed, and it Will Insist upon posting the same image again and again and again, and how many times can a person look at the same snow covered mountain before it gets boring? Yeh, thought so.
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It's hot as fucking hades here. Brutally so. I'm not claiming to have brought it along with me. 'Cos I'm disinclined to do, sort of thing. Erm...

Yeh, stupid at the moment. So.

So we wandered about and...did some things. I think.
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Written on 5 may

So, quick lesson learnt: when flying west in the morning, don't choose the starboard side of the aeroplane. Ouch.

I've got to have a window, me. Never mind the having to climb over my row mates to make trips to the ladies', there are entirely too many interesting things on the ground. For instance, now, I'm looking down over a bright patchwork of brown and russet farmland - and wending thro' that are (what appear to be) dry riverbeds. pissing about with my customary bevvie, I very nearly missed two fantastic canyons. There's a quite a coverage of thin clouds, so any photos I've taken won't show either of them as dramatically as I'd like. But it's strange, canyons are so very impressive from the ground, yet from the air...actually, it's not really that they're unimpressive from the air, but rather they look so very different - far more like scars made by a ragged blade than deep banded crevasses cut by water.

Note to self: you've just dropped your SD card reader down the side of your seat. Don't forget to fetch it up. There, that's done.

I don't know why I thought it a good idea to pull out the card reader at any rate. It's not bloody likely I'm going to move photos about. Besides, I've not quite got my head wrapped round iPhoto, so.

It's very true that inspiration for design can be found any where. The farmlands we passed ten minutes ago were ploughed and cut into circles and squares - all of them in distinct yet complementary shades of red and gold and brown. Unfortunately, there were enough wee clouds dancing about to stop me snapping any useful photos of that lot. I'll have to recall how it looked the next time I'm searching for inspiration.

Yeh, starboard aside, it's a fantastic day up here. Here's to hoping that persists.
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[ profile] xkookykrysx and [ profile] designerguy's wedding was lovely. We arrived back to our cats earlier this evening, and everything is where we'd left it - in a slight state of disarray. Somebody forgot to leave out a saucer of cream for the brownies. Oops.

'S all I got a chairde.
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This is an announcement to all of my Oakland lovelies (and you know who you are). I will be gracing your fair hamlet with my presence 13-16 September (unless the sky falls).

We'll have coffee, we'll talk.


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