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So, today's word - courtesy of - is divagate.

It's a good word and a fine word and I do think I'll keep it ('cos it so often applies to me), but at first glance? I envisioned some sort of scandal involving sex, politics, and Denise Graves.


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It's never my usual wont to leave whingety status updates at Facebook, but today proved a bit of an exception. We've all our bouts of weakness, yeh?

Here is what I said: Leah E G Youngraven is in need of a far more productive practise regimen. Down with flailing about.

Here is the first response that I received: LOL...Gypsy...You're "down" with it? Or "done" with it? :)) Sorry...that kind of a week ;)

To which I thought 'ah, no no. What I meant was...
  Erm...'  I realised, then, that the phrase 'down with' to mean 'end decisively, often by means of violent, fiery coercion - or at the very least a lot of shouting and stamping about brandishing signs' was so deeply entrenched in my vernacular, that I'd no good way to define or describe it.

It'd lost its words - had been relegated to symbols. It took me...well, a while to come up with the explanation I've got offered up here.

Following a bit of consternation and finger chewing (not really), I responded thusly: well it was used in much the same context as one might say 'down with the king' or 'end apartheid'.

Sure. Down with the king. 'Cos that's a common statement in daily speech, 'down with the king'.
And. End apartheid? Apartheid? Seriously? Well, didn't we do? You know, nigh unto twenty years ago? You'd think I'm still writing 1986 on my cheques (lo, another quaint bit of antiquity) when I fill them in.

Perhaps if I'd said Practise Good. Flailing Bad. Me hit with stone it'd have been all of it a great lot clearer.

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Today's Hand of Fate:
The one you love is closer than you think.

Well, today, the One I Love gifted me with a permanent LJ account; thus, I am now Immortal.

Thanks very much, sweetie!
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When I logged back into LJ, I was presented with an entirely new page. On that page was this question and a linky-link. Well, of course I clicked said linky-link, because I wish to live dangerously. 

It opened a brand new entry, gave it rather a bland title, and presented me with this question:

What are your favorite and least favorite words? Any reasons why?

As is my wont, I immediately forgot my favourite and least favourite words the instant I was challenged to name them - so the list won't be as long or as entertaining as perhaps it could have been. 

Favourite words:

Cabalic (however I choose to spell it - it varies)
(what? I'm fond of paddling, thus I'm fond of the sound of the word)
(sensing a theme)
Gelignite (boom)

Least favourite words:
House (there's something about this one that causes me to freeze in place - I'm for ever convincing myself that I haven't got it right somehow. It's strange)
Prerogative (no matter how hard I try, I can't say this one properly. My tongue gets tangled up in the Rs, and thus I must speak it very slowly. I sound ridiculous, I'm sure)
Impact (it's far too mis-used, this one)
Bandwidth (see above)
Architect (is a person, not something you do -argh)
Copacetic (contrary to popular belief, this isn't an actual word)
Access (I try to avoid this one, mostly because I'm plagued by the notion that there's a better, less used word)

It was easier to find words that appeal rather than repel. I suppose that says something, doesn't it?

Gan ainm

Mar. 2nd, 2007 02:46 pm
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Oi, I've added one. Colour me clever.

For the last few weeks I've really had nothing to say. Sure, that hasn't exactly stopped me on some scores, but as to I'd even gone so far as to entreat my sister for ideas - and I still would love for her to give me one. So, perhaps I should make a list of the few things I have got, yes?

For want of words

  1. The Ceól agus Craic at Trinity Hall

  2. Thoughts Contingent Upon Ageing One Entire Year - or Who Nicked My Effing Black Bush?!

  3. A Spriggan Announcement

  4. Why My Mam's Advice Makes Me Want to Bite Her

  5. But I Wanted to Be a Rock Star...

  6. NTIF - 10,500; Gypsy - Nil

So, that's what I've got thus far. These entries mightn't ever see the light of day, or they might be filtered - who's to say at the moment? If you find yourself wondering 'hrm...what became of that entry' (which will never happen, I'm sure), then either it never got written or it's filtered. No worries, eh? I've never been an entirely open book, and I've no intention of becoming one now, so.
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I post memes because it's faster than completing my real update.

Oi, it's a long one )


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