Dec. 27th, 2006

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I've been meaning to post these photos for quite a while now, and I've at last got round to it. Contrary to the silly bloody date stamp (my camera seems to be lost in the past), these photos were all taken in Autumn, on or near to Thanksgiving Day.

We always have adventures with turkey...

Thanksgiving 1 Thanksgiving 1
Bread Bread
My adventures in bread baking
Astromeria Astromeria
Flowers make everything lovelier.
Pie! Pie!
Before baking.
Gobble 1 Gobble 1
Emerging from its sack.
Gobble 2 Gobble 2
Ugly, but delicious.
Our tree Our tree
It turned rather a brilliant red this year.
Our tree 2 Our tree 2
Another shot
Tree close up Tree close up
It also sported crimson berries

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Earlier this year, [ profile] shaddowshoes unearthed our sunroom, and we transformed it into the pub we now call 'Margaret Murphy's'. We held our first party in it last February, and it was a grand success. So, here are a few photos from Margaret Murphy's.

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This year, we agreed to have the yuletide gathering of clans at Orion Rising. The house was still reasonably tidy after Thanksgiving, and besides [ profile] shaddowshoes's parents were having a bit of work done on their house. We thought it would make a nice change. It did, and everybody remarked that we kept Ex-Moose very well.

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