Aug. 4th, 2008

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Bloody. well. Monday.


What is it about frigging Outlook that makes it so damned easy to bodger up a meeting request? It's user frigging error, I'm sure of it.

OH. And how the fiery devil am I to Force my Palm Zire to synch to my damned Outlook files? I do not wish to update two engagement diaries, thanks very much. It worked brilliantly before the thing carked it this time (it does that - I think I feed it, and...splat), and now? Sorry - but you've got to download a 'conduit'. Your wha--? I was never made to do this thing before, and I've gone through erm...three laptops now. Oh, and speaking of which, my bloody video card's about to shuffle off the old mortal.

I've never been hit by lightning, no - why d'you ask?

Jaaaaaaaaaaney. May I please to be starting this day anew? Le do thoil?
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Dear Most Exalted Nearly Highest Fearless Leader,

Would you kindly explain to me why it's only now that you've seen fit to cough up an outline to the presentation that I've been at creating for the past week or so? I mean, I'm on version 3 now - and you're telling us 'here's how I want it all to go'. You've 'had a few thoughts' says you. When? Only now? Did you not think that would be a great lot more useful last Monday? Perhaps it's paranoia on my part, but I tend to scent a certain amount of sabotage whenever somebody in an oversight position does this sort of thing. I mean, sure it's grand that we're getting it now rather than a day before we're to present. Alright, I'll give you that, but bloody hell, most of the work (I'd thought) had been done.

Evidently, I was a wee bit mistaken.

Gan grá,


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