Dec. 12th, 2011

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In recent days, these things have happened:
  • A headhunter has come courting me (hey-ding-derry-down) about a contract
  • I've made it to the second-interview stage
Now, I'm hardly complaining - I'm gladdened by his attention, and I'm excited to have a spot on the coveted 'short list'. Along with these feelings, I do confess, is bafflement. Not that I should be considered, and re-considered, and can you come back and chat a wee bit more. I'll own the project is daunting (the headhunter's description and the actual scope have only marginal things to do with one another). What's got me scratching my head is, well, it's an eight-week gig. Since I'd be brought on for a very specific project (turning a person's book about leadership into a branded training course), there isn't the chance for any sort of permanency. At least, not for the foreseeable future. 

I could understand there being a multi-partite vetting stage for a six-month or longer stint. But for eight weeks? I'll be there and gone before most of them notice; it seems oddly cautious. I'm wondering whether it's because this is a massive project (perhaps moreso than they even realise - if I win this particular prize, my first order of business will be to make them a truthful gantt chart); or whether that's how things are done in this 'post recession' economy. 

I suppose it does remain to be seen.


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