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2012-01-27 11:21 am
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Out with the old...

I've been up to ninety the past few weeks, so I've not felt terribly compelled to make a posting (by that I mean even less so that usual). So... yez get bullets, 'cos I'm still not particularly arsed to write whole! omigod! sentences! Snrk. 

Oh, and since one bullet is of a sensitive (to myself) nature, comments will be switched off. Here is the rule (as I don't believe I've stated it here): if I write about something and announce that comments are switched off, it means I want no discussion of it in my presence, by any means (physical talk, email, text message, carrier pigeon, any communication medium at all), unless I bring up the topic myself. No exceptions. Full stop. I'm more than willing to spill every gut I've got if need be, but ever on my own terms. 

So. With the fine print over and done...

  • 2011 -> 2012 was a bit more of a bump and a skid than hurrah, it's the new year!
  • Shaddow and I got riotously sick towards the end of it, and I'm still sorting myself out. It's meaning some lifestyle changes. Irksome, but 'I'm a tree, I can bend' (--Lily Tomlin).
  • My cat, Beanies, passed just after the new year. 
  • I won that contract, and it's been an effing blast. 
  • I've blown out Bríd's head. 
  • My car's making A Noise, and my dad thinks it's yet another thing that the eejit garage in Atlanta ballsed up. 
And... now I'm bored of this, I think. So the bullets worked out to be a bit more like sentences. Ah well, eh? Next time I'll remember to be terse. I've since gone back and turned the sentences into bullets. I may write actual entries about each one, or I may smile at the text I copied into a text editor, and then close without saving. My prerogative (which is a word I cannot really say). 
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2012-01-27 11:52 pm

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 My friend Mark is re-releasing his bodhrán CD. I highly recommend it if you fancy learning to play.
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