Apr. 27th, 2007 07:02 pm
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So, a group of us went out to see Solas at the Tipperary Inn Wednesday night. I'd seen video of them before, so I knew that they were quite good, and the Tipp's got Smithwick's - can't go wrong with that, eh?

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And now it's nearly seven o-clock, and I've got my own band to think about.

Peace out, slán go foill, and mind the gap.
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Spriggan are ending the month of April with a bang at the Tipperary Inn and beginning the month of May with a boom at Gilligan's.

The Tipperary Inn (see the link above, please, for directions, &c.)
28 April 2007
8pm -12am

This will be the third anniversary of the Tipp's re-entry into the land of the living. So come out, gawk at us, and tell Tim the Owner how much you love him.

Spriggan (again)
J.Gilligan's (again, see the link above...)
4 May 2007
We'll be on the stage in the original (restaurant) side.

The Gilligan's one is subject to change, so check our web site, please, for any updates.

Peace out, slán go foill, and mind the gap,
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Are you Irish?

If your answer was 'no' to that question, then would you care to be?

If your answer was 'yes' to that question (and how couldn't it be), then I've got a magicK spell for you that is guaranteed to make you Irish (for at least a day).

Oh, for fuck's sake, this is an eejity message.

Right, here it is, then:

will be playing at the Tipperary Inn on
17 March (that's St Patrick's Day)
5.00 pm - 9.00 pm (nestled cosily between Seamus Stout and BEHAN)

Come out in support, youse.
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Well, the last message we sent round gloriously heralded the arrival of autumn - only now it really is here, along with its requisite nasty weather. Translation: it's rainy and windy and just cold enough to make us all slightly miserable. Since we can't have people going about with glum faces, Spriggan have decided to have another pleasant little show at the Tipperary Inn.

Mark this next bit down, you'll need it later.

What: Spriggan at the Tipperary Inn (slainte!) - which can be found in its usual place at the corner of Live Oak and Skillman in Dallas or you can go here for a map and further instructions.

When: 4 November from 8.00pm till 12.00am

Come out, come in, and drive a bit of the chill away, youse.

With a song in our hearts and beer in our mouths,
Candace, Chris, Gypsy, and Michael


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